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Filing a Claim With Connecticut’s Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund

Violent crimes do not only cause physical injuries and death, they also can cause serious financial harms.  Connecticut’s Office of Victim Services (OVS) administers a crime victim compensation fund for persons who have been financially impacted by violent crime.  The program allows any crime victim to submit an application for benefits.


You may file a claim for benefits if you fall into the following categories :

  • A victim of an eligible crime who received physical injury or death or was physically injured while assisting police during a crime
  • A relative or designated decision maker of a homicide victim
  • A relative of a sexual assault, domestic violence, or child abuse victim
  • A child who witnesses domestic violence and is not related to the victim
  • A person who is blind or has a disability and owned or kept a guide or assistance dog that was injured during a crime

You may file the claim on your own or seek representation from an experienced Connecticut Crime Victim Lawyer.  I have assisted many crime victims in connection with a claim for these benefits.  I have also handled appeals before the Crime Victim Compensation Commissioner.


If you would like a Free Consultation with a Connecticut Crime Victim Lawyer, please contact me directly.

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