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$337,500.00 Judgment Ordered in Child Molestation Case

Connecticut Crime Victim Lawyer Tim O’Keefe has obtained a $337,500.00 court judgment against the perpetrator of child sex molestation in a case that he had filed in New Britain Superior Court.  “This was a one-time event involving a grown man and a fifteen year old boy.  While it only occurred on one occasion, it still has had a devastating impact on the life of our client.  The court’s decision fully recognizes and validates that fact.  The award also includes punitive damages which is entirely appropriate in this circumstance.  We originally obtained a pre-judgment attachment on real estate owned by the perpetrator and we now plan to file a judgment lien and a foreclosure action, if necessary.  We hope to be able to recover some assets so our client can be compensated for his damages.”  Tim O’Keefe

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